I've always been a hopeless romantic. Tears form every time a groom sees his bride walk down the aisle, a father dances with their daughter, a couple exchanges their wedding vows. I love watching cheesy rom-coms over and over, I keep a killer playlist of diva love ballads, and I love hearing why people fell in love and decided to commit their lives to another person. I celebrate love in all its forms, and I've been lucky enough to build a career sharing these special moments with amazing couples. Four years ago I married an inspiring man (how we met is a great story - I'd love to share with you!), and each day he pushes me to leave the world a better place than it was yesterday. Together we have built a life together we share with our fur babies, eat a lot of pizza, and argue over who gets to pick the next Netflix binge. Marriage can be so awesome.

In my ten year career in the wedding industry, I've had the honor to witness more than 500 weddings. During this time, I kept seeing couples get married, but not have the ceremony they deserved. Sometimes in the excitement and bustle of wedding planning, more attention is brought to the reception, and not the reason everyone is gathered there - to witness people they love share their love. I've always had this dream of being the person to tell their love story, so I finally made the leap and became a celebrant.

You may be asking yourself "What's the difference between a celebrant and an officiant?" Anyone with a few minutes and the internet can become an officiant, a celebrant is a storyteller. It takes time, education and determination to learn about multi-faith ceremonies and rituals, and each ceremony is personalized to each couple to tell as much or little of their story, incorporate readings and actions that relay the emotions of their past, present and future. Life-Cycle Celebrants® bridge generations by creating ceremonies that are a genuine expression of the honoree celebrated.  Each ceremony is a unique reflection of personal rites of passage, transitions or celebrations.  They are empowering testimonies of life that become treasured legacies to be passed down from one generation to the next.​​

Wedding Ceremony Officiant

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I want to tell your story.  You deserve more than a cookie cutter ceremony, mis-pronounced names, and boring readings. (Yes, I've seen it all happen!) Your guests may not remember what the flowers looked like, what dinner you served, or notice how much time you spent personalizing the invitations, but they will remember how they felt when they watched you declare your love. Every love story has a beginning, followed by many, many chapters. Let's start writing your next chapter together.

What a beautiful face

I have found in this place

that is circling all round the sun

What a beautiful dream

that could flash on the screen

in a blink of an eye and be gone from me

Soft and sweet,

let me hold it close and keep it here with me.

-Jeff Magnum, Neutral Milk Hotel